• City working to make streets safer for everyone in several neighborhoods


    PITTSBURGH - The city of Pittsburgh is working to make streets safer for everyone, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

    A traffic calming project is taking place in several neighborhoods, including in Point Breeze on South Dallas Avenue.

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    The stretch of South Dallas Avenue between Forbes and Wilkins avenues is a focus of the project because a study found people drive about 37 mph when the speed limit is 25 mph.

    People who live in the area have voiced their concerns to the city and said they want to see improvements.

    Lines to narrow the road have already been added, and there is now a crosswalk protected by posts for pedestrians. The crosswalk also includes an island in the middle that gives pedestrians a place to stop.


    Squirrel Hill is another neighborhood where changes are being made to slow drivers down.

    Saline Street, which is often used to avoid traffic on Beechwood Boulevard, now has speed bumps.

    The city does not expect the six speed bumps will impact the volume of traffic on Saline Street, but officials hope it will slow drivers down.

    Additional speed bumps will be put up on Beechwood Boulevard near the Frick Environmental Center.


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