Community furious after beloved pets were hit with paintballs

NORTH HILLS — Pet owners in one community believe the cats in their neighborhood are being targeted with paintball guns.

Neighbors have had enough and are posting pictures to warn others, as well as filing a police report.

“I can’t think of a good reason why somebody would be targeting cats like this. It’s very troubling and it keeps happening to my sister in laws cat and my own cat and it feels like my family is being targeted,” explained owner Lindsay Downs. “I didn’t realize it was paint I actually though it was blood at first because it’s red paint which is really creepy”

The event occurred a couple of months ago and Downs thinks someone targeted her cat with a paintball gun. However, her sister-in-law’s cat was hurt in the same way.

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“I was sitting outside and the cat came to the door in the light and I saw red on her ear. So I went in to look at her body and noticed paint was on a good amount of her body.”

Downs says this is the third time cats have been targeted in her Bon Avon neighborhood.

Downs and her family are now warning others to keep an eye on their pets.

They put up posters that show what happened to their cat this morning and they are hoping police can figure out who is responsible.