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Community members show support for family of Jim Rogers after 5 officers fired following his death

DORMONT, Pa. — A grand jury continues to meet to decide whether criminal charges should be filed in the death of Jim Rogers.

A group showed up Thursday to show support for the family as well as for witnesses coming forward.

“He was an artist. He loved to draw,” said Devon Adwoa, the spokesperson for Jim Rogers’ family.

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While Adwoa didn’t know Rogers personally, she has learned a lot about him over the last five months.

“I carry on the sense without Jim Rogers we are missing something,” Adwoa said.

This group sat outside the municipal building in Dormont while inside a county grand jury listened to witness testimony and reviewed evidence in the case.

“We want to be here to not only show support for those eyewitnesses that have to give testimony to a terrible crime that has happened, but also to continue to push for our demands that this needs to result in a conviction of these officers,” Adwoa said.

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Yesterday, five Pittsburgh police officers were fired. Three others were reinstated but must undergo training.

The Pittsburgh police officers union plans to appeal all five firings.

“While it’s a start to fire five officers, we know very well that in many of these cases they go to arbitration and these officers are able to get their positions back. We don’t want to see that happen,” Adwoa said.

Jim Rogers died last October, about 24 hours after police used a stun gun on him multiple times during an alleged bicycle theft in Bloomfield.

The medical examiner’s report found that Rogers’ death was accidental.

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