• Competency hearing held for woman, daughter charged with beating grandmother over Steelers game


    YOUNGWOOD, Pa. - A woman and her daughter, accused of beating their mother and grandmother over the volume of a Pittsburgh Steelers game, were in court Wednesday.

    Only Channel 11 was there as Delores and Sarah Amorino walked out of court, not saying much, but both told a judge inside the courtroom they understood why they were there for a competency hearing. 

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    The judge ruled the mother, Delores, was competent to stand trial — but Sarah was not.

    “Based on the facts that we heard from the alleged victim. I believe her to be less culpable and I think some of the charges against both are unjustified," said Tim Dawson, Delores' attorney.


    “Sarah will go back to treatment for 60 more days and then we’ll see what the doctor has to say at the end of those 60 days," said Jennifer DeFlitch, Sarah's attorney.

    The two have been in jail since August 2017 when police say they beat, tortured and held hostage their mother and grandmother for two days inside their Youngwood home after she turned up the volume of a Steelers game.

    In court, expert opinions revealed both mom and daughter are delusional and believe they’re dating players from the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

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    While Sarah will now go back to a mental health facility, her mother is on her way back to jail to find out her fate. 

    The two have already been in jail for a total of 21 months and both attorneys say they aren’t sure if their clients will be going to trial.

    They’re waiting on a decision regarding a motion to see if some of those serious charges will be tossed out. 


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