Concerns over plans to demolish vacant restaurant, build family home on Mt. Washington

Construction concerns on Mt. Washington over proposed plans

PITTSBURGH — Just a block away from the Duquesne Incline on Mt. Washington, there are plans to demolish a vacant restaurant and build a family home on Grandview Avenue. The restaurant has sat abandoned for years and is torn apart inside. However, landslides have been a major issue.

“Its definitely a problem,” Coal Hill Steakhouse employee David McKenna said. “It is eroding, you can’t deny that fact.”

McKenna works near the site where a three-story, single-family home is set to go up.

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“It’s a legitimate concern. You know, we have a big back deck. You don’t want to see that go away some day so you have to be more careful with what is being done up here,” he said.

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During Tuesday’s City Planning Commission meeting, the architectural firm behind the project said one of the challenges is that the existing building did not have the proper foundations.

“So modifying the existing building was very challenging. Adding additional weight, the structural engineer took a look at it and said we couldn’t really do a whole lot with it because of the existing building and location of it,” said Chad Chalmers.

Chalmers, with Wildman Chalmers Design, said the site is over an abandoned mine, but it is not in a landslide-prone area.

“It would be awesome to see something cool come in here, you know. Something that brings the neighborhood up, you know,” Chalmers said.

The city’s Zoning and Development Review Division said that the proposed design has been accepted and that there are no concerns. A second geotechnical report will be conducted after demolition and will be required as part of the zoning approval for the new construction.

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