Concertgoers devastated to learn Bruno Mars tickets are fake

PITTSBURGH — People trying to go to Tuesday night's Bruno Mars concert were heartbroken when they got to PPG Paints Arena and learned their tickets weren't valid.

Victims of the scam were left standing outside and unable to get in.

It was a sold out show, but several people said when they showed up at the gate to have their ticket scanned, they were told the ticket had already been used.

Those victims told Channel 11 they bought the tickets on Craigslist and they looked legitimate, but everyone had the same name and seat number on their tickets.


People who were affected claim there were dozens of others who had the same problem.

"I bought tickets for her for her birthday and when we got here and they scanned them, they said they were already used," said Jessica Gonzalez of Altoona. "There were hundreds of people up there with the same exact ticket with the same exact seat number, everything. with the same name on the ticket."

No one from the arena was able to comment on what happened.

Channel 11 also reached out to Live Nation, but have not heard back.