• WPIAL decision coming Tuesday for allegations of racial slurs used during high school soccer match


    PITTSBURGH - A WPIAL hearing took place in Green Tree on Monday night, addressing accusations of racial slurs that were allegedly used during a soccer match between Connellsville and Taylor Allderdice.

    On Tuesday, the agency decided to not punish either program for the alleged incidents, and instead mandated anti-discrimination training.

    Channel 11's Michele Newell was inside the room for a short time before the decision was made not to open the hearing to the public.

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    "I was outraged and I was also very bothered that I couldn't or didn't do more to protect them I tried to do everything that I could to," said Sam Bellin, the head coach of the Allderdice boys soccer team.

    A video taken by a parent on Labor Day weekend shows a scuffle between two of the players. It then shows more players get involved and begin shoving one another.


    Bellin, who was on the field that day, said his team deserves an apology.

    "I think the main thing that we want is just for Connellsville to take responsibility for their actions. They continue to deny, and in my opinion, try to confuse the issue," Bellin said.

    Channel 11 spoke with the attorney for the Connellsville School District, Tim Witt, who provided the following statement:

    "Consistent with the findings of its prior investigation, Connellsville maintains that the racial allegations remain unfounded and unsubstantiated. In urging the WPIAL to reach the same conclusion, the District asks the WPIAL to recognize the significant efforts the District has made to ensure its entire student body, including its student athletes, are equipped to identify and combat racism. We thank the WPIAL and Allderdice staff and students for their involvement with this process. Together, we can continue to ensure that both racism and homophobia have no place in interscholastic athletics in our region."

    WPIAL officials plan to talk to both school by 9 a.m. Tuesday. They will make the announcement public shortly after that. 


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