Conor Lamb sworn in as congressman

Conor Lamb is the newest member of the House of Representatives.

In a ceremony on Capitol Hill Thursday evening, Lamb took the oath of office from House Speaker Ryan Paul.

Lamb, a Democrat from Mt. Lebanon, is filling the remaining term of former Rep. Tim Murphy, who suddenly resigned in the wake of a scandal last year.

"One of the the things I have my eye on is, they've decided they want to spend a lot of new money on the heroin epidemic, but we have to decide how much is going to go to law enforcement, how much is going to go to treatment, how much is going to go to prevention. I'd really like to be part of that debate," Lamb said.


Lamb went on to say that more emphasis and money needs to be put into treatment.

Because the congressional districts were recently redrawn, Lamb is now running for a seat in the newly created 17th District.

The primary is in May.