Couple accused of stealing $12K from man's retirement fund

Couple accused of stealing $12K from man's retirement fund

OHIO TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man and his wife worked together to steal thousands of dollars from an innocent victim, police say.

Police say Joseph Naill and his wife, Rachel, stole a local man's identity, then once they had they, they stole $12,000 from his retirement fund.

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The victim discovered he'd been ripped off when he tried to log onto his PNC account and found out his credentials had been changed, according to police.

Police said the suspects, who live in Wexford, had gotten access to the victim's IRA account and put in a change of address, email and phone number.

From there, police said the suspects had thousands directed to the new, fraudulent account they set up in Iowa. They allegedly used part of the fund to pay bills and their taxes, as well as to shop and pay for their kids' dental work.

Police in Ohio Township spent months following the money trail, where they discovered the couple had left quite a few tracks -- and using their grocery store advantage card was a big one.