• Couple claims DJ stole cash from wedding cards

    A Westmoreland County DJ is facing charges after a bride accused him of stealing cards containing cash during her wedding.
    Edward McCarty, 38, of North Huntingdon, is charged with theft and related charges.
    "I cried for hours," said Ashley Karasek of Turkeytown, who can't help but feel a little disappointed as she looks back at beautiful photos from her wedding day.
    Less than 24 hours after tying the knot, she discovered McCarty allegedly stole hundreds of dollars in cash from the card box at her reception.


    "I'm not angry, I'm just sad because he ruined my memories of that day," Karasek said. "Just going back like oh yeah, that's the day our cards were stolen."
    Karasek said she only had 12 wedding cards in a collection box the morning after her July 29 wedding, which was attended by 120 people.
    She said McCarty was in possession of the collection box most of the evening.
    "I just couldn't imagine what was going through his mind as he was sitting there opening all of our cards and everything people wrote in them," Karasek said.
    Police arrested and charged McCarty for the theft of at least $600 in cash.
    Prior to his booking website being taken down, McCarty was listed as a co-founder of "1st Choice Studios." A portion of his bio even reads, "Leave everything to me."
    In an affidavit, police said McCarty confessed to stealing a total of $600 because of “financial struggles.”


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