Couple sues Kennywood after attack by parasite allegedly found in water of Raging Rapids ride

WEST MIFFLIN, Pa. — A Pittsburgh couple is suing Kennywood Park, claiming the Raging Rapids ride gave a man a flesh-eating eye infection.

Robert Trostle said he was on it with his wife, Krystina, in July, when water splashed into his left eye.

The lawsuit says the couple noted the water looked "dirty and sludge-like."

A few days later, Trostle says he was diagnosed with microsporidial keratitis, a bug that eats away at the cornea.


The suit says he underwent a surgery where doctors scraped the parasite out of his eye, but they couldn't get it all.

According to the lawsuit, Trostle still has a small amount of the parasite in his eye, he has blurry vision, pain and other symptoms.

The lawsuit does not say if there's proof the parasite was actually in the water.

Kennywood representatives would not comment on the lawsuit, but told Channel 11 that safety is the top priority and that extends to the care of rides and water involved in them.