Couple that met on playground says ‘I do' amid cancer battle

Couple that met on playground says ‘I do’ amid cancer battle

A woman battling her third round of cancer had her wedding dreams come true when she married the man she first met when they were children.

Liz and James Garish, of McKeesport, met on a playground. They are now husband and wife after saying, “I do” during a wedding that Jamie's Dream Team helped organize.

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“I'm ecstatic to be able to say he's my husband,” Liz Garish said. “We're just so overwhelmed with the emotion that there's people out there like this that are willing to still give and donate and help out those you know that are suffering.”


Jamie's Dream Team put out a call for help in December to plan the special ceremony. Twenty-seven vendors, including Lea's Floral Shop, quickly stepped up.

“We wanted to bring in the flowers so that we could make it a special day, and give her some life and beauty to hold with her as she goes,” Mary Lucklighter King, from Lea's Floral Shop, said.

It was a beautiful day for the special couple making the best of a difficult situation.

“We are the city of dreams, the city of hopes, and that's just it -- that's what happened today. We put together the most fantastic wedding for the most deserving couple,” wedding coordinator Bridget Masko said.