COVID-19 pandemic forcing families to embrace homeschooling, online learning

The closure of Pennsylvania schools until the fall due to COVID-19 is forcing families to embrace online learning -- and homeschooling.

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It's a path many parents are navigating for the first time.

“Even I had those fears of what would this would look like especially at such a young age,” said Nicole Bubenheim, whose son is finishing 2nd grade through PA Cyber School.

Bubenheim suggests having a space in your home reserved for your kids to learn – and trying to stay organized.

“Making sure you have a calendar or something nearby that you can use, and your student can see what they're going to be working on and when they're going to be working,” she said.

Those are tips she's found helpful and has shared with other parents.

Keely Baronak, education chair at Carlow University, believes issues like childcare and school activities will lead to most parents keeping their kids in brick and mortar schools.

Baronak said where she expects to see the biggest jump with students moving online full-time is with college students – something she believes could happen as soon as this fall.