• Crashes reported across the area due to icy roads


    Several crashes were reported across the Pittsburgh Tuesday area due to icy conditions.

    Icy spots possible Tuesday with snow showers, bitter wind chills

    Update 6:19 p.m.: Dorseyville/Saxonburg Boulevard in Indiana Township is closed to all traffic because of an earlier crash and icy road conditions. 

    Update 6:12 p.m.: Some Port Authority buses are now running 40+ minutes late. 

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    Update 6:09 p.m.: Icy roads in Gibsonia. Be careful on Route 910 and Babcock Boulevard.

    Update 6:05 p.m.: There is a vehicle stuck on 57 Street because of icy conditions. 57th Street is closed from Butler Street to Stanton Avenue.

    Update 6:05 p.m.: All lanes of US 199 southbound at Moyer Road are closed because of a multi vehicle crash. 

    Update 6:05 p.m.: There is a disabled vehicle at Imogene and Browns Hill roads because of ice.

    Update 6:00 p.m.: Here is a look at the Liberty Bridge right now. Traffic is backing up due to crashes and icy conditions. 

    Update 5:58 p.m.: A vehicle slid on ice and hit a parked car on Churchland at Lincoln Avenue in Pittsburgh. 

    Update 5:53 p.m.: There are several disabled vehicles on Duncan Avenue in McCandless because of icy conditions. 

    Update 5:50 p.m.: There is a multi-vehicle crash in the 1100 block of Brookline Boulevard.


    Update 5:47 p.m.: - There is a multi vehicle crash on Route 28 southbound between Exit 11 and Exit 10. There is a lane restriction.  

    Update 5:46 p.m.: There is a rollover crash on southbound Route 28 near the Hulton Bridge because of icy conditions. 

    Update 5:36 p.m.: There is a two vehicle crash on Shady Avenue at Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill.

    There is also a rollover crash on Hunt Road at Buckingham Road in Fox Chapel.  

    Update 5:34 p.m.: Port Authority buses are running up to 25+ minutes late due to traffic and ice road conditions. 

    Update 5:27 p.m.: There is a four vehicle crash on the Birmingham Bridge because of icy conditions. 

    Update 5:29 p.m. - There is a crash on the outbound Liberty Bridge in the middle of the bridge. 

    Update 5:22 p.m. - Snow is starting to stick on I-79 in the Wexford area. 

    Update 5:10 p.m. - Bedford Avenue at northbound I-279 HOV lanes is being closed due to icy conditions.

    Update 5:00 p.m. - Near whiteout conditions on Harts Run Road in Indiana Township. 

    Update 4:54 p.m. - There is a weather related crash on SR 910 in Pine Township. The road is being closed until salt trucks arrive.

    Update 4:46 p.m. - There is a rollover crash in Jefferson Hills. Coal Valley Road will be closed between Old Clairton Road and SR 51 until roads are treated. 

    Update 4:45 p.m. - Multiple crashes are being reported across Allegheny County due to icy roads, according to a tweet from the county.

    Update 4:44 p.m. - The Glenwood bridge in Pittsburgh is currently shut down due to icy conditions.


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