Crews demolish house near Route 30 landslide

EAST PITTSBURGH, Pa. — Crews started to demolish one of the houses damaged by the Route 30 landslide in East Pittsburgh.

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The process of tearing down the home began Friday morning. It will be a slow process that could last 2 days.

Also on Friday, PennDOT awarded a contract worth more than $6 million to Golden Triangle Construction to rebuild the collapsed portion of the roadway and add a retaining wall.

The home is being torn down because the slide could push a retaining wall right through the home, officials said.

Channel 11 has learned the homeowners have been staying in a hotel and will be compensated for the house.

Dozens of residents who lived in homes and an apartment building on Electric Avenue were evacuated when the Route 30 slid 30 to 40 feet April 7.

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Neighbors came to watch and were very sympathetic to the family.

"All of a sudden you’re one day going to the grocery store and watching tv next thing they knock on your door and you gotta go. You can’t make any plans and you’re stuck," neighbor Dan Riccobon said.

PennDOT officials are targeting midsummer to reopen Route 30.