Crumbling sidewalk on Mount Washington causing concern

Crumbling sidewalk on Mount Washington causing concern

PITTSBURGH — People living in Mount Washington want action and answers when it comes to a crumbling sidewalk right near the Overlook.

People say the sidewalk along Grandview Avenue has been a mess for almost two full months.  It’s cracking and crumbling in big chunks, and light is even poking through to the hillside below.

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The Department of Public Works has put up barriers to prevent people from walking on the problem spot, but there is a growing concern that people could fall or otherwise hurt themselves.

"It's actually kind of scary. And it's a shame because so many people come up here to see our beautiful city and they see something like this and wonder what's going on?" Elizabeth Guenther said.

The city told Channel 11 it is aware of the issue and is studying how to rebuild the sidewalk.

"Unfortunately, it's not a regular sidewalk that can just be repoured with concrete. It is supported by beams, not regular soil, so the repair is going to be difficult," the city said.