As the Delta COVID-19 strain is becoming more prevalent across the country, vaccinations are urged

PITTSBURGH — As a new strain of COVID-19 continues to move across the country, doctors are urging people to get vaccinated; particularly young people.

To work toward that effort, Pittsburgh Public Schools held a clinic for students and the public at Colfax Elementary on Wednesday.

Several students told us they were relieved to finally get vaccinated.

Infectious disease physician Dr. Brian Lamb with Allegheny Health Network told us that the more people who are vaccinated, the less likely the delta variant could cripple our country like it did in India.

“We are going to see these numbers continue to skew toward the younger population because they haven’t gotten the same rates of vaccinations that we see in the adult population,” explained Lamb. “This is like building a wall. The more Americans that we have vaccinated, that means the less chance any of these variants can come in and take effect and start to spread in our communities.”

In Allegheny County, COVID-19 cases are still low. But if they go up again, Lamb says health officials will do more testing to see if the delta strain is causing the spike.