Deputy describes narrowly missing wrong-way driver in Beaver County

Deputy describes narrowly missing wrong-way driver in Beaver County

PITTSBURGH — A deadly wrong-way crash in Beaver County has many people asking what happened and offering help to the victims' families.

On Sunday night, Denise Feathers was driving the wrong way on Route 65 when she crashed head-on into another vehicle. Feathers was killed, along with three of the four people in the other vehicle.

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Police say Feathers drove for nearly two miles in the wrong direction, narrowly missing several cars including a 16-year-veteran of the Beaver County Sheriff's Department.

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‘I’m not that religious, but somebody was watching over me," Sgt. Mike Matzie told Channel 11's Amy Marcinkiewivz.

Matzie said he's seen a lot during his time, but this crash on Easter Sunday is a lot to handle.

"There was a guy from the fire department in front of me he was flashing his headlights and then he came to a complete stop," he said.

Matzie was in the slow lane traveling beside a Lincoln that the Jeep collided with.

"I saw it, I heard it. One of the headlights actually rolled right in front of me," he said.