Dispatchers walk local teen through CPR over phone to save father's life

Dispatchers walk local teen through CPR over phone to save father's life

PLUM BOROUGH, Pa. — A local family is whole tonight after a life-changing experience.

"I thank you all."

The father, a man of few words, thanked first responders for helping save his life.

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Those first responders, along with his son Zachary, were recognized tonight at a Plum Borough meeting.

A couple months ago when Zachary’s father went into cardiac arrest, he knew he had to act quickly.

He jumped on the phone and called 911.

The woman on the other end was dispatcher Katie Eisel.

"He listened to the instructions, followed them exactly like I said," Eisel said.

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Walking the teenager through preliminary steps, he was able to perform chest compressions until first responders got there with an automated external defibrillator also known as an AED to send an electric shock through his chest to the heart.

Twenty-seven minutes later, he was breathing again.

"One of the hardest parts about the job is you hang up the phone and you don't really know what happens next," Eisel said.

But on Monday, they met.

With a lesson for us all: Staying calm and trusting the operator, can save your life.

"I would count this as a miracle," Eisel said.

Plum Borough recently bought 16 AEDs, six for police and 10 they'll be putting in local parks.