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Displaced residents of Route 30 landslide to get assistance

EAST PITTSBURGH, Pa. — A massive landslide that crumbled Route 30 and displaced dozens of people in East Pittsburgh continues to cause confusion and concern.

Families forced out of their homes are meeting with local and state officials Monday to find out what options they have moving forward.

Crews continue working to clean up an incredible amount of dirt from this slide and debris from the apartment building that was destroyed.

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The people who lived there are being told by PennDOT they will get the help they need.

Channel 11 was there at a nearby Comfort Inn where those forced out were provided packets explaining what their rights are when it comes to getting assistance.

A PennDOT official told the crowd everyone will receive help getting into a new place to live.  In the meantime, they can stay at the hotel.   Some may be eligible for compensation to help pay for lost items.


The American Red Cross and other agencies are helping with immediate needs.

Channel 11 spoke with one woman who said she lost everything and did not have renter's insurance.

“I have nothing I totally have nothing. Everything and I worked hard for. Everything I got real hard and I was just comfortable and now, I've got to start all over again,” Carmella Lee said.  “I'm numb, I'm just numb.  I want to wake up and think this was a dream.”

The evacuated buildings still have belongings inside we are working to learn if and when those people will be able to get some of their things.

WPXI’s Aaron Martin is following this developing story and will have much more on Channel 11 11 News beginning at 5 p.m.