District attorney releases new surveillance video in North Braddock drive-by shooting

RAW VIDEO: New surveillance of North Braddock shooting

New surveillance picture released Wednesday by the district attorney's office gives a clearer picture of the drive-by shooting that took place minutes before Antwon Rose was shot and killed.

The video, from a surveillance camera above the intersection of Jones and Baldridge avenues, shows a Chevy Cruze approach the intersection.

The rear-passenger window is rolled down and the person in the back seat sticks his arm out of the window and fires a gun.

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A second angle from the same camera shows a man in a red shirt pull out a weapon and return fire before the Chevy Cruze drives off.

The new video is similar to video Target 11's Rick Earle has obtained last week from a law enforcement source.

Police have said Antwon Rose and 17-year-old Zaijuan Hester were passengers in the car.


This is believed to be a third video of the drive-by shooting. Channel 11 knows of two others -- one from a Port Authority bus and one from a borough camera.

District Attorney Stephen Zappala told us last week videos provided good evidence of what happened there.

It was 13 minutes later that East Pittsburgh police Officer Michael Rosfeld pulled over that car and Antwon Rose and a 17-year-old began to run.