Does coronavirus have you feeling down? Here are some positive things happening within our community today (3/26/19)

Does coronavirus have you feeling down? Here are some positive things happening within our community today (3/26/19)

We know that the coronavirus pandemic is an overwhelming and stressful time for everybody, so we’re going to put together some positive things that are happening within our community every day to help those in need.

It’s apparent that during hard times, the Pittsburgh area always comes together to help one another.

Mobile laundry service donates homemade detergent

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Roberta Adamski and her three children have been working on creating packets while home. Each packet has enough soap to do multiple loads, some up to 15 loads.

"We want to make sure we are doing as much as we can to help during this hard time," said Adamski. "Today, we donated over 1,000 loads."

Laundry Ladies LLC picks up peoples dirty clothes, cleans and returns them to people all over Allegheny County.

Adamski said she started her business to help people, "especially the elderly, those with cancer and those who can't really do their own laundry."

Laundry Ladies is considered life-sustaining and still operating but knows many families are falling on hard times and might not be able to afford detergent.

You can learn more about it at her website here.

Dormont Little Food Pantry

Carla Chugani, a South Hills resident, created her own food pantry on her front porch for people who need essential items during the coronavirus pandemic.

And her message is simple: "Please come and take what you need. Please come take it because we have plenty.”

If you find yourself needing essential items, you don’t need an appointment. You can just come onto the porch at 2958 Belrose Avenue and take what you need. If you need special accommodations, they can do that as well. Just need to reach out via their Facebook page.

Domont woman creates front porch food pantry to help neighbors

Virtual 102nd birthday celebration

The coronavirus didn’t stop a woman from celebrating her 102nd birthday!

St. Anne Home in Greensburg, Westmoreland County shared the heartwarming video of Dorothy celebrating with her daughter Gen, who lives in New York.

Gen even virtually brought cake and candles.

Dorothy Celebrates 102 Years!

While her family will have to wait to celebrate with her, there’s no reason the party can’t get started now! Happy 102nd Birthday to resident, Dorothy! Through FaceTime from New York, her Daughter, Gen, brought the cake and candles. After the call, she said, “Mom told her sister, Joanne, years ago, 'I’d like to live until I’m 95 and then it will be ok.' And here she is seven more years with us! In her aging, she's like a flower that continues to bloom. Such a presence, her beauty and love radiate to everyone around her."

Posted by St. Anne Home on Monday, 23 March 2020

Fayette County church donating food

Fresh Fire Church in Uniontown is giving out 500 boxes of food to the community through Friday.

Pastor Adam Lawson said they serve over 600 families through their Produce to People Distribution, but said this food is in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The food has arrived and boxes being packed!!!!

Posted by Fresh Fire Church School of Ministry and Training Center on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Duquesne University helping health care workers

Duquesne University donated personal protective equipment from its research labs and classrooms to health care workers who are working on the front lines.

The university’s schools of pharmacy, nursing, health sciences and natural and environmental sciences supplied gloves, gowns, goggles, N95 face masks, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer and biohazard bags to hospitals, clinics, group homes and home-care workers in the Pittsburgh region.

“Health care professionals are at risk during this pandemic and there is an urgent need for supplies across facilities,” said Dr. Benedict Kolber, associate professor of biological sciences, who helped with the collection. “This was a team effort to pull these supplies together in just a few days. We couldn’t have accomplished this without the help of colleagues and administrators from across the university.”

The equipment will be delivered to the Southwest Healthcare Coalition, which is part of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Allegheny County Health Department. Those organizations will distribute the supplies to health care facilities.

Fairmont Pittsburgh Donation

The Fairmont Pittsburgh is donating multiple dollies of food and perishable goods to 412 Food Rescue to help people in need.

Local businesses spreading love

Messages of hope, unity and encouragement are popping up all across the Pittsburgh region with businesses using their storefronts to spread love.

Pittsburgh landmarks using their marquees as signs of hope

Teachers encouraging students

Seneca Valley-Haine Elementary teachers and staff created an encouraging video to show students and families that they miss them and are here for them during this difficult time. Kristin Robinson shared this video with us.

Seneca Valley-Haine Elementary teachers, staff create encouraging videos for students. Submitted by Kristin Robsinon

Light on dark days

A Greenfield family put a lighted tree on their front porch to be a light in these dark days and a symbol of hope for the happier days that are someday ahead of us.

(Submitted by viewer)

CCAC donates supplies

The Community College of Allegheny County donated personal protective equipment to help those on the front lines in the battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dozens of boxes containing hundreds of surgical non-sterile gloves and isolation gowns were collected from the CCAC Nursing and Allied Health departments on all four campuses. The college’s Automotive and HVAC programs based at West Hills Center also donated approximately 1,000 pairs of gloves as well as hundreds of masks for distribution to health care workers in need of protective equipment.

“We are extremely fortunate in this region to have an engaged, active and benevolent community, and this donation underscores that generosity,” said County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. “Thank you for helping to fill this critical need to assist our hospital and healthcare community during this extraordinary time in our county.”

“As an integral part of the community, we believe it is our public duty to do the right thing, especially at such a challenging time as this,” said Dr. Bullock. “All of us at CCAC are very pleased to be able to do our part and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by donating these critical supplies to support our health care providers.”

CCAC’s Public Safety Institute also provided 1,400 pairs of sterile exam gloves and one and a half cases of protective, single-use Tyvek suits to Allegheny County EMS Coordinator Keith Morse. The equipment, which is used to train CCAC students in EMS and HAZMAT operations, is the same as is used by professionals in the field.

Pizza donation

Fox’s Pizza in Beaver donated boxes of pizza to the Heritage Valley Beaver lab. An employee ,Larry from Hookstown, shared this photo with us.

Fox's Pizza in Beaver donated boxes of pizza to workers at the Heritage Valley Beaver lab.
Fox's Pizza in Beaver donated boxes of pizza to workers at the Heritage Valley Beaver lab. (Larry from Hookstown/Larry from Hookstown)
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