Dog found inside locked, abandoned home after another dog seen jumping from second-story window

WESTMORELAND CO., Pa. — “I don’t know how anyone could sleep at night.”

That is how one person reacted to what happened to two dogs.

The dogs -- Sadie and Rocky -- are being nursed back to health after a local animal rescue said one jumped out of a second story window of the abandoned house they were locked in, looking for food and water.

Tiny Cause Dog Rescue is caring for both dogs after a neighbor saw Sadie jump out of the window. Rocky was later found inside the home.

Tiny Cause founder Darla Held told The Trib that the dogs, both about 2 years old, were 20 to 25 pounds underweight. Sadie had two ear infections, and both had fleas.

The owner, who has not yet been charged, surrendered the dogs.

Rescuers said the home was caving in and so dangerous that they couldn't even go inside.

"Walking onto the porch you almost sunk through," said Amber Phillips, a rescuer with Tiny Cause. "Walking one step into the house, you got a nail into your foot."

Sadie and Rocky are now resting, eating a high-calorie diet and getting much-needed medication. Once they are healthy enough, they will find their forever homes.