Dogs rescued after being caught in animal traps in frigid stream

DONEGAL, Pa. — Daniel Bogey said if he hadn’t shown up, two dogs would likely be dead.

“Heard this awful howling and yelping, and I thought it was a pack of coyotes,” he said.

He said he made a last-minute decision to check one of his properties in Donegal when he came across two dogs stuck in animal traps in the middle of a frigid, fast-moving stream.

“That water was freezing cold. You wouldn’t even want to stand in it. That dog was probably in that water for well over an hour,” Bogey said.

He immediately called state police troopers.

“We were able to get the dog out of the trap and at least get him on the other side of the creek,” Bogey said. “The state trooper actually was able to pick him up. He went in with his uniform. He didn’t care.”

It took nearly three hours to get the dogs to safety. They were able to put blankets over them to help them start warming up.

Bogey said he found multiple traps that weren’t supposed to be there because it is private property. He confronted the person who put them there.

“He’s doing good now. He had his first meal. So he will get better,” Bogey said of one of the dogs.

A friend is caring for one of the dogs. The other one walked off after being rescued.

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