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Driver fired after video recorded of bus plowing through flooded roads

SHALER, Pa. — A viewer sent Channel 11 a video they recorded of a school bus plowing through floodwaters on Seavey Road in Shaler Thursday after heavy rains and strong winds pounded the region.

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According to ABC Transit, Inc. VP of Operations, Todd O'Shell, that driver has been fired:

"We are aware of the incident below.  The safety and security of all students transported by ABC Transit Inc. is our top priority.  Company policy does not permit school vehicles to drive through water over roadways at any time.  After investigation and review of yesterday's incident on Seavey Road that violated this company policy, the school bus driver no longer works for ABC Transit Inc."

In the video, the floodwaters reach past the bottom of the bus and nearly over the hood. Channel 11 has learned from officials at Shaler Area School District that there were three students on the bus at the time the video was recorded.

A second bus was also seen driving across the flooded roadway. That alleged incident is still under investigation, according to school and bus agency officials.

In an email, ABC Transit officials said they are investigating that incident as well.


A spokesperson for Shaler Area Schools said they are also investigating both incidents.

At this point, the district and bus company have not confirmed if any students were on the full-sized bus.

It is unclear if there will be any discipline for the second school bus driver.