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Driver robbed after fender bender on busy street

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh police said a fender bender turned into much more when an argument broke out and the victim was robbed.

It happened at the intersection of Baum Boulevard and Liberty Avenue.

The victim told police a driver hit the back of his car and refused to give his information, so the victim allegedly pulled out his cellphone and began recording.

That's when the situation turned violent, with the driver stealing the victim's phone and then taking $200 from the victim's pocket.

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According to the crime report, the driver took off, but the victim followed him to his car.

He told police that he saw a passenger inside the car with a gun.

Police said they are looking for the driver and passenger, both of whom are men who appeared to be between 40 and 45 years old. They were in a gray Nissan SUV.