Driver takes off after car narrowly misses home, crashes into pole in South Side Slopes

Car narrowly misses home, crashes into pole in South Side Slopes

PITTSBURGH — A driver came around a curve, narrowly missing a home before crashing into a pole and running off early Thursday morning in Pittsburgh’s South Side Slopes neighborhood.

People who live in the neighborhood said it’s a miracle the driver didn’t hurt or kill anyone.

“We just heard this sonic boom outside. It was really loud,” said Richard Skruch.

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The crash happened about 4 a.m. on Josephine Street.

Neighbors were awakened by the sound of the crash, the impact of which was so strong that it sheared the top of the power pole in half. They said their power flickered and then totally went out.

Had the pole not been there, the homeowner believes the outcome could have been catastrophic.

Pittsburgh police responded to the crash and a towing company worked to safely remove the car from in front of the home.

Duquesne Light crews spent hours working to get things back in order.

Neighbors said this is the second time a crash like this has happened since Christmas.

“This happens too often. I come home last night and I said to my wife, ‘Somebody’s going to hit this porch again and that telephone pole.’ And they did,” Skruch said. “Put a guard rail up there. Put a speed bump around the bend or something. Got to do something. They’re getting out and running away and I’m stuck with the tab on it.”

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure is evaluating the location for possible guiderail installation, and is doing traffic studies of the area, according to Tim McNulty, the communications director for Mayor Bill Peduto’s office.

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