• Drivers confused by Parkway North construction


    ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A 5-mile stretch along the Parkway North has become a stretch of confusion for some drivers. 

    New construction and lane formations have drivers looking for shortcuts and others not sure which lane to drive in. 

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    “It’s a little confusing and it’s inconvenient, of course, especially because I think it’s going to for a few months,” said Jessia St. Onge of West View.

    “It has to be done — couldn’t see it being that bad to begin with,” said a man who drives the road regularly.

    The major changes start south of McKnight Road. Northbound splits into two lanes: a local lane to the right and express to the left. If you get in the express, you won't be allowed to exit at Perrysville Avenue, Bellevue/West view or Camp Horne Road.


    “If you are not sure how far up it goes, or if you’re not familiar with this area, you might miss your exit if you’re trying to get off on Camp Horne,” said St. Onge.

    Southbound lanes will be narrowed to 11 feet.

    PennDOT said, with 100,000 drivers using the Parkway North, they expect heavy congestion, and it could take up to two weeks for drivers to get used to the changes.

    This phase of work will continue through late August, so drivers will be dealing with the lane restrictions for months.

    For a complete list of changes due to the project, check out PennDOT’s website.

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