• Drivers fed up with crumbling road in Penn Hills


    PENN HILLS, Pa. - Viewers asked us to check out a road in Penn Hills that is covered with craters and potholes. 

    Lime Hollow Road is a busy cut-through between Sandy Creek and Frankstown roads.

    Residents are worried that, sooner or later, there's going to be a bad crash. 

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    Channel 11 recorded as many as six portions of the road breaking away, leaving less road to drive on and more danger for drivers.

    Councilman John Petrucci sent a statement to Channel 11, saying that he has called PennDOT several times to ask for help with the erosion problem -- but he said nothing was ever done.

    Petrucci said it is a state road, and that means it's the state's problem to handle.

    PennDOT told Channel 11's Joe Arena it is anticipating some temporary repair work in November and a permanent repair is being planned. 

    Here's a look at where the road is at:



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