• Drug bust leads to arrest of suspected serial burglar


    A drug bust led to the arrest of a suspected serial burglar in Butler County.

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    Butler police said David Eberhardt has been terrorizing the city for more than a month, breaking into homes with one mission: to steal guns that he will sell to get money for drugs.

    “He took guns. He took big items -- whatever he could to sell for quick cash,” said Butler Deputy Police Chief Dave Adam. 


    City police believe they solved at least four of the nine home burglaries with Eberhardt's arrest. 

    They also took four stolen guns off the streets, along with crack cocaine, cash and five people who they arrested while looking for their home burglary suspect. 

    With the help of state police and other agencies, the city police raided homes on West Penn and South streets.

    The guns recovered were all weapons stolen in the recent home burglaries.

    Police said Eberhardt have already admitted to some of them.

    Those who live in the area are glad to see the drugs and guns off the streets. 



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