• Dump truck starts falling into hole after broken water line floods streets


    PITTSBURGH - A backhoe cut through a water line Monday in Pittsburgh’s Hays neighborhood, causing significant flooding in the area, officials said.

    Repairs continue Tuesday at the scene at the intersection of Baldwin and Glass Run roads. Baldwin Road is closed.

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    When the backhoe broke through the line, thousands of gallons of water flooded the intersection. A dump truck then started to fall into the hole.

    Robert Wiliamowski, the driver of the dump truck, said he felt the road begin to give way and he was able to climb out safely.

    The flooding was bad enough that a man needed to be rescued from his front porch.

    Water entered the basements of some homes, but damage was minor.

    Wiliamowski said he was part of a team working to dig a catch basin, and the water line wasn't marked properly.



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