• County health department investigates white dust coming from nearby plant


    PITTSBURGH - Imagine living in a neighborhood where the air is filled with particles of lime that you and your children are breathing in every minute of every day. That's the situation in Harrison, where the Allegheny County Health Department confirmed that dust particles are coming from a nearby heavy metals plant.

    "It's staining the paint. It's staining the windows," explained Bob Cahil. 

    Cahil and his neighbors said they're concerned. 

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    "Imagine, it does that to the paint on your vehicle, what's it doing to you?" he asked.

    Neighbors said it was so bad at times there would be up to a quarter-inch layer of dust.

    Channel 11 reached out to Harsco Metals, the company operating the plant. The company said in a statement that, "At every job site, Harsco makes environmental compliance a top priority and we are cooperating with the county in its inquiry. As a matter of policy, we do not comment on potential agency matters."

    County health officials said they were working to get an update on the health effects to people from exposure to lime. 



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