• Election judge in jail; power issues delay voting at polling place


    WILKINSBURG, Pa. - Some people in Wilkingsburg had to use emergency ballots because an election judge was in jail.

    Normally there are few problems on an Election Day at Graham Field, but Channel 11 learned the polling place got a late start due to an arrest.

    The Allegheny County Sheriff's Office confirmed Elections Judge Loren Johnson was arrested Monday night after threatening his sister and nephew with a shotgun.


    It forced sheriff's deputies to go to his house and collect the voting materials needed for the primary election.

    "This is the first problem I've had in my polling place,” Wilkinsburg resident Dawn Coley said. “That's weird to have it like that."

    That, combined with a power problem, forced the voting precinct to use paper ballots until 10 a.m., three hours after the polls opened.

    Elections workers told Channel 11 the paper ballots will be counted Tuesday night, along with the electronic returns.

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    Johnson is charged with simple assault and making terroristic threats.

    It's unclear if he will face more charges for not performing his election duties.

    A polling place in Pleasant Hills, and a few downtown, had some issues with workers not showing up Tuesday morning.



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