• Election signs stolen out of yards, thrown into sewers


    PITTSBURGH - There are reports of candidates' signs being stolen on Pittsburgh's North Side, just hours before the polls open.

    People living in the Manchester neighborhood contacted Channel 11 to say their candidate signs had been stolen from their yards, and were found in the gutter.

    "I'm not surprised by those kind of antics," said Lisa Freeman. "It is a little childish."


    "The amount of signs shifted dramatically between the newer candidate and the incumbent, overnight, which seemed odd," said Christopher Whissen.

    Aerion Abney is running against incumbent Jake Wheatley and Ebony Taylor for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 19 seat. 

    Abney's supporters say they're disappointed in the antics taking place during crucial hours leading up to the primary election Tuesday. 


    "I have no idea who it was," Freeman said. "But the idea that they would go take up campaign signs, that was childish, unnecessary and quite frankly gave me more determination to go out and vote."

    Channel 11 contacted Abney for reaction and he sent us this statement:

    "It is unfortunate that someone would go this low into the gutter and invade residential property and steal yard signs. We are not phased by this childish action because we know that yard signs don't vote, people do!"

    Channel 11 also reached out to the other candidates for comment, but have not heard back.



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