Elementary student suspended for pulling knife on school bus

Elementary student suspended for pulling knife on school bus

CALIFORNIA, Pa. — An elementary school student has been suspended after district officials say he got angry and pulled a knife on a school bus.

It happened in California, Washington County. All students on Bus 11 received a letter from the district, letting them know that a child brought a knife on the bus.

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"It makes me tear up. I don't know what I would do without him. I don't want to have to fear sending him to school," said Dawne Roberts, whose 8-year-old grandson was on the bus as it was coming home Tuesday from California Elementary.

According to Roberts, another young boy on the bus pulled a knife when he became angry over a song that was being sung.


"This little boy pulls a knife out of his pocket and points it at him and another boy and is screaming at him," Roberts said.

The letter that went home with children who were on the bus Tuesday said there was an "incident," but did not list specifics.

Parents are concerned for their children's safety.

Posted by WPXI-TV Pittsburgh on Tuesday, March 5, 2019

"I think it should have been sent to every child at school. Every child in the school was put at risk yesterday," Roberts said.

Channel 11 has learned from the school principal that the child has been suspended for 10 days and could possibly face more disciplinary action. Channel 11 also asked the principal if the child will ride the bus again. She said it isn't likely.