• Emergency demolition underway after old school building partially collapses


    MCKEESPORT - Crews are demolishing a former elementary school that partially collapsed Wednesday night in McKeesport.

    PHOTOS: Old school building partially collapses in McKeesport

    Debris was sent onto Bowman Street when most of a wall to what used to be Highland Grove Elementary School disintegrated, bringing down at least half of the roof with it.

    “We sort of knew that was going to fall down sooner or later. I thought it was a big car wreck because it was so loud,” said Rudy Cole, who lives nearby.

    No one was injured, but five residents of two nearby homes were evacuated.

    An emergency demolition was ordered because the building was structurally unsound and posed an immediate danger.

    Demolition crews began tearing down what was left of the building shortly after 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

    People who live in the area said demolition of the building was a long time coming because it was an eyesore.

    Bowman and Highland avenues have been closed since Wednesday night.



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