• Expiration of federal flood insurance program draws closer


    PITTSBURGH - Flooding has been a looming problem for people in southwestern Pennsylvania for decades, but a lack of congressional action could make matters even worse.

    The National Flood Insurance Program, which provides affordable insurance to people living in flood-prone areas, will expire at the end of the month if Congress doesn’t take action.


    The program covers more than 5 million properties, including many here Pennsylvania.
    If the program expires, many homeowners could be uninsured. With all the storms and flooding the

    Pittsburgh area had the first half of this year, many people in this region would be left vulnerable.

    "Floods are the most common natural disaster so it’s important to be protected in a flood zone,” Ray Lehmann, director of finance, insurance, trade and policy for the R Street Institute said.

    Congress is working on both long-term and short-term fixes but there is no guarantee a bill will be passed by the deadline. 

    A short-term extension was passed last time the program was set to expire.



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