• Explosions heard as flames engulf house


    BALDWIN, Pa. - Neighbors said they heard explosions as flames engulfed a house late Tuesday night in Baldwin.

    Firefighters were called about 11 p.m. to Custer Avenue and worked to bring the intense fire under control within about an hour.

    “I was sitting on my front porch and I saw flames up through behind the neighbor’s backyard, and they were pretty big, so I got my girlfriend and I ran up through the neighbor’s backyard and saw it was an actual house,” Michael Skarada, a neighbor, said.

    Skarada said he heard at least three explosions from the house while it burned.

    “We heard two explosions before we made the call, then we called and walked up there and the police were here and it blew up again,” Skarada said.

    Officials said the house was abandoned.

    No injuries were reported.




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