• Millions of Americans dealing with extreme winter weather

    By: Danielle Dozier


    PITTSBURGH - The weather has been wild all across the country as of late. 

    Snow squalls and whiteout conditions greeted drivers in Pittsburgh on Wednesday. 

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    A powerful winter storm even hit Hawaii, dumping heavy snow on Maui. 

    In Seattle, Washington, they’re digging out after a foot and a half of snow fell over a four-day period, making it the city’s snowiest February on record.

    Snow blanketed parts of Oregon and now there is a risk of flooding there as two to five inches of rain fell in just 24 hours. 

    In the Midwest, ice collected on trees in Chicago which brought down power lines. Sheets of ice on skyscrapers in Chicago are melting and becoming dangerous for pedestrians downtown.

    Near Green Bay, Wisconsin, a semi-truck driver ran a red light in icy conditions and plowed into an SUV. The officer was not injured. 

    Back closer to home, Cincinnati is dealing with the rising Ohio River too, as periods of heavy rain and melting snow lead to flooding concerns.




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