• Familiar scam making comeback in Bridgeville


    BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. - Police in Bridgeville say shoppers are getting scammed and the criminals are using the allure of free shopping at Walmart to trick them out of money.

    It's known as the secret shopper scam, with those responsible sending a priority letter through the mail with a very real-looking check.

    Investigators say it could cost someone thousands of dollars.


    Victims are sent a check with a letter, asking them to be a secret shopper at Walmart.

    The victim is instructed to cash the check and buy a small item at the store, then test Walmart's MoneyGram system by transferring a large amount of money.

    The alleged secret shopper would keep the difference.

    It can take days for a bank to realize the check is fake, leaving the person who cashed it responsible for the refund.

    Bridgeville police say they've dealt with the scam before, but it seems to be making a comeback.

    A Walmart spokesperson told Channel 11 the company doesn't participate in any secret shopper program and has information on its website to prevent customers from falling for this scam.



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