• Family claims doctor performed lewd act on himself within view of patients


    PITTSBURGH - John Dawson was looking out his son's hospital room window at Children's Hospital when he says he saw a doctor performing a lewd act on himself across the way.

    “There was a gentleman masturbating in the building,” Dawson said.


    The window is in a hospital building for doctors just across from the main children's hospital campus. 

    “I contacted a nurse, which brought two nurses at the time and they couldn't believe it,” he said. “There was seven of us that seen it. At this point, they still haven't done anything about it.”

    After not getting answers from the hospital, Dawson called Channel 11.

    “Any one of the children on that floor or any other floor could've looked out and seen him doing this,” Dawson said. “He didn't try to hide it at all.”

    We have been investigating his claims and finally got a statement from Children’s Hospital on Wednesday night saying, in part, “We’re aware of the allegation. We take allegations such as this extremely seriously and conduct a thorough review of the situation."

    Dawson says the chief nursing officer and vice president of operations and patient care services apologized for what happened.

    “It's disturbing to know that one of the physicians who may have been working on my child that day was over there doing that,” he said.

     But he has a bigger concern. 

    “If it would've been me or anyone else, in a building across the street, we would've gone to jail that night,” he said. “He was still there the next morning and the following morning after that.”

    Channel 11 asked about the doctor’s current status, but Children’s Hospital said it was a personnel matter and couldn’t provide any further details.


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