Family, friends say goodbye to Antwon Rose

Funeral held for Antwon Rose

PITTSBURGH — Nearly one week after Antwon Rose was shot to death by a police officer, the 17-year-old was laid to rest Monday morning.

Rose’s funeral service brought hundreds of people to Woodland Hills Intermediate School.

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“It’s just very tragic and, you know, I have heartfelt condolences that go out to the family. Wonderful family. I’ve known them for a long time, starting with his grandmother,” Lillian McClain, a family friend, said.

As family members, friends and classmates say their final goodbyes, their search for answers continues.

“I think the police officer should be in jail. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and God does not like ugly,” Priscilla Lawson, a family friend, said.

While protests over the shooting have taken place over the course of several days, no demonstrations were permitted on the grounds of the school.