Family pleads for help to find missing woman

ARNOLD, Pa. — A mother is worried sick after her daughter disappeared.

Now, she and police are asking people in and around Westmoreland County to help in the search.

Tiffany Crabtree, 30, has been missing since Tuesday, Oct. 17.

"What's your biggest fear?" Channel 11 News asked Ginny Crabtree, Tiffany's mother.


"That my child is laying somewhere dead," she said. "She's my kid. I don't care if she's 30. She's still my kid."

Tiffany told her boyfriend she was walking to her sister's house three blocks away and would be right back.

When she never showed up, her family knew something was wrong.

"Please just call me. Let me know you're OK. I need to know she's OK. We need to know she's OK," Crabtree said.

Six days have passed and there has been no word from Tiffany.

Crabtree reported Tiffany missing to Arnold police on Friday and officers have been on the lookout.

Crabtree told Channel 11 News she put up flyers all over Arnold and neighboring New Kensington in the hopes someone has seen her daughter.

"Until I find her, talk to her, I'm not going to stop," she said.

If you have any information, call Arnold police at 724-339-9663.