Family protests after Washington County DA declines to file charges in shooting death

WASHINGTON, Pa. — The family of a Washington man shot and killed outside of his apartment is not accepting the details of what investigators said happened.

Leonard Williams, 36, was killed after an incident with his landlord. The shooting happened in front of his two daughters.

Washington police and the Washington County District Attorney’s Office recently held a press conference saying there would not be charges filed in the case.

Protesters gathered outside the Washington County Courthouse Monday, demanding answers and more information from police and the DA’s office.

“We want justice and freedom for all our people but it hits different when it’s my brother,” said Nicholas Butler, William’s brother.

Police have said Williams was the aggressor and the landlord fired in self defense, making it a justifiable homicide. Butler said they want to know who witnessed the shooting. He said William’s daughters also disagree with what happened.

“They seen their dad. He was up against the truck but when he saw a gun he put his hands up and said don’t shoot me in front of my kids and then he shot him,” Butler said. “We want a trial. We want a decision to be made by a jury of his peers with Black people on the jury.”