Family talks about honor student who was shot, killed

Family talks about honor student who was shot, killed

PITTSBURGH — As police search for the person who murdered 16-year-old Jonathan Freeman on Wednesday night, his family is talking about their gut-wrenching loss for the first time.

They told Channel 11 they believe he was at a friend's house playing a video game when someone opened fire.

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His uncle, who did not want to be identified, saw him just a few hours before the deadly shooting.

Freeman was shot and killed in Homewood.


"He wasn’t a kid that was on the streets. He wasn’t a kid that acted up," his uncle said. "He wasn't a problem, a nuisance. He came from a good family on both sides."

Freeman was an honor student at Allderdice High School.

His uncle told Channel 11 Freeman took a liking to working with computers in his spare time.

"He liked to program. He developed applications with me. He coded in the summer," his uncle said. "Things like this shouldn’t happen to good kids. If anyone can gain anything from this, it should be that more work needs to be done with the young people."