Family with 5-week-old rescued from their Morgan home after heavy flooding

SOUTH FAYETTE TOWNSHIP — Floodwaters are receding in the area and people are now heading back to their homes.

Rushing water and flooding closed down roads across south Fayette.

Millers Run Road has been shut down for hours, and you can see the creek is still rushing at this hour. Today we interviewed people who had to be rescued from their homes, including a woman who was with her 7-year-old son and 5-week-old baby.

Nadene Pomerico’s newborn baby was on one of Allegheny County’s swift water rescue boats as the team rescued 16 people today!

“I haven’t been in this situation before so it was a lot of quick thinking and grabbing as much stuff,” she said. “So I’m not going to lie, I was pretty panic trying to keep it together for the kids, my 7 year old was packing his brothers closed.”

Nadene told us she and her family made it safely to relatives who live out of town. A terrifying morning, but thrilling for a young boy who will go back to school with a story to tell.

“He thought that was pretty cool to be evacuated by boat. We feel fortunate we were able to get out safely and quickly.”