• Father, live-in boyfriend charged with homicide in death of underweight teen boy


    Channel 11 was the only one in court today as a Mercer County father accused of killing his own child learned that police are filing more charges against him and his live-in boyfriend.

    Antonio Gonzalez sits behind bars, charged with homicide in the starvation, beating and murder of his 14-year-old son.

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    Police just charged Gonzalez with conspiracy to commit murder.

    Police filed criminal homicide against Gonzales’ boyfriend, Paul Bacorn, believing the two were working together to hurt the young boy.


    Channel 11 learned the family moved around a lot, living in Beaver County until Social Services got involved. They moved to Allegheny County until CYS got involved.

    Once they moved to Greenville, police said they pulled the teen boy out of public school and into cyber school. 

    Police said after the teen's mother died, he and his 4-year-old sister lived with their father and Bacorn in a mobile home. In that time, just under two months, the teen's life got much worse.


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