Father remembers man killed after being dragged by van; kidney donated to childhood friend

Father remembers man killed after being dragged by van

NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. — A Beaver County man is remembering his son after police say he was dragged by a van driven by his girlfriend and died from his injuries.

Eric Minett talked to Channel 11 about his 27-year-old son, Ryan.

The incident happened on Cross Creek Drive off Rochester Road near the Rochester Village Apartments in Cranberry Township on Friday.

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Ryan Minett will live on, his father says, and be remembered for giving new life to a childhood friend.

After Minett died Saturday night from injuries when he fell and hit his head after being dragged for a half-mile by a vehicle, Minett’s father said Ryan’s kidney was donated to one of his close friends growing up.

The kidney went to Andrew Dietz, a neighbor who Minett grew up with and lived across the street in New Brighton.

"I think it's definitely what he would have wanted," said Eric Minett, Ryan Minett's father.
Dietz had been waiting for a new kidney for 10 months, and the news of where it was coming from was bittersweet.

“(Andrew) was pretty devastated,” said Rob Dietz, Andrew Dietz’s father. “When I told him there was silence on the other end of the phone.”

Eric Minett knew that by choosing to take his son off life support, Ryan’s friend would be given new life.

Rob Dietz said his family will be forever thankful to the Minett family, and they hope they will see Ryan Minett living on through Andrew Dietz.

According to investigators, the vehicle was driven by Jessica Royall. She's currently in jail charged with homicide.

Police said she made no attempt to stop, even after Minett fell down.