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FBI releases new photos of fugitive wanted in cold case

SAXONBURG, Pa. — Channel 11 has obtained new photos of a man who is wanted for the unsolved murder of a local police chief nearly 40 years ago.

The new pictures show exactly what Donald Eugene Webb looks like.

FBI releases new pictures of fugitive wanted for 37 year old murder of Saxonburg Police Chief Greg Adams. The FBI believes the murder suspect, who would be 84 years old, is still alive. WPXI-TV Pittsburgh

Posted by WPXI Amy Marcinkiewicz on Thursday, June 15, 2017

After more than three decades on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, agents on Thursday afternoon put together a new fugitive poster of Webb, who is the suspected murderer of Saxonburg police chief Greg Adams.

"I think we got the best chance to solve the case that the bureau's had in a long time," said Tommy MacDonald, who is heading up the FBI's Boston investigation to find Webb.

"One hundred and seven fugitives have lived well into their 80s," MacDonald said.


The FBI is not saying how they obtained these photos, but

that agents found a secret room in the Massachusetts home of Webb's wife.

Agents would not say if they believe Webb has been hiding out there, but the Adams’ family hopes Webb is found alive.

He would be 85 years old now, no one has seen him in 37 years.

The newly released pictures were found a year before the murder. They are from a cruise Webb and his wife took in 1979, a year before the fatal shooting and beating of the Saxonburg Police Chief.

"These new pictures give us a glimpse of exactly what he looks like," said Tom King, the Adams' family attorney.

"He had no ties to western Pennsylvania, we believe he was scoping jewelry, only store in Saxonburg, for a potential burglary," MacDonald said. FBI agents say they're seeking closure for Adams' family.

"We have no reason to believe Webb's dead, so we have no reason to stop looking for him," MacDonald said. "This is murder of a small town police chief. You don't give up on cases like this."