• Federal complaint to be filed against police officer, city of Pittsburgh for arrest


    PITTSBURGH - Channel 11 has learned local attorney Todd Hollis plans to file a complaint in federal court on Monday against the City of Pittsburgh and one of its police officers, related to an arrest made in September 2017.

    Hollis’s client, Damon Boykiw, was walking along the sidewalk in Carrick after leaving a library when he was questioned about a robbery nearby. 

    "There had been a call made of a recent robbery. Sees my client, approaches him, asks my client for identification. My client of course asks why the identification was needed," Hollis said


    Video shows his client being taken to the ground and handcuffed. 

    "All I saw was a very abrupt grabbing of my client and slamming him down to the ground," Hollis said.

    Hollis shared the dash cam video with Channel 11 and played in court before the charges against Boykiw were dropped.

    "I didn't see any attempt to punch the police officer. I didn't see any aggressive gestures made on his behalf toward the police officers," he said.

    The Pittsburgh Public Safety Department told Channel 11 that no cases or complaints have been brought against the officer involved in the arrest.

    In addition, a spokesperson said the Office of Municipal Investigations has not opened any inquest related to this arrest.

    Channel 11 shared the video with the Citizen Police Review Board, and its executive director said Friday afternoon she would open an inquiry into the incident.  



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